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The company Cleaning Queen, founded in 2012, offers domestic cleaning services in Stockholm – in its central and north part. Our team is working together to give customers the best possible service: high quality home cleaning, reasonable prices and a pleasant attitude. Cleaning Queen specialises in providing cleaning services for private houses, apartments and smaller companies.


We provide the following services:

  • Regular Domestic cleaning

  • More thourough deep domestic cleaning made for example in spring/autumn

  • Final cleaning, typically before moving out

  • Window cleaning

  • Office cleaning


- Fixed cleaning schedule

- Assigned cleaner, same person at every occasion

Cleaners speak English or Swedish

- Flexibility for client to cancel or postpone a booked cleaning occasion

- Monthly and specified invoice

- Privacy agreement between provider and client

- Insurance in place by provider (accident insurance)

We use tested and environmental friendly teratogens



In case you are entitled to the RUT-deduction (a domestic tax deduction relating to labour cost and applicable to private persons/housholds) imposed by the Swedish Tax Agency you pay only 50% of the original amount. You can find further information and specifically whom is entitled to this benefit at

THE PRICE for Domestic cleaning and other related services

Green Painted Wreath

180,- SEK

per hour

including VAT and after using the RUT-deduction for private persons.

For customers who are not entitled to RUT-deduction the price is 360,- SEK per hour

Cleaning detergents and equipment is provided by client. We give you a list with necessary items and you can buy everything in an ordinary food shop

Minimum order quantity for each occasion: 2 hours of service

THE PRICE for companies/juridical persons

290,- SEK

per hour

 + VAT

Green Painted Wreath

Same conditions apply as for private persons, se above

THE PRICE for a Final cleaning, before moving out

(surfaces to be cleaned and prices)

Green Painted Wreath


Green Painted Wreath


Green Painted Wreath

35,- SEK/m²

Green Painted Wreath


up to 30 m²

31 to 90 m²

91 to 150 m²

151 m² and more

Price is including VAT and the RUT-deduction

We provide Cleaning detergents and sufficient equipment, all included in price.

Prices given are for an empty (unfurnished) home. A 20% surplus applies for a

furnished house/apartment.

For further inquiries and offers you are welcome to contact us at:

info@cleaningqueen.se or by phone 070 994 54 96

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