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cleaning queen stockholm


  • Regular Domestic cleaning

  • More thourough deep domestic cleaning made for example in spring/autumn

  • Final cleaning, typically before moving out

  • Window cleaning

  • Office cleaning


The company Cleaning Queen was founded in 2012. Now we have grown organically thanks to our satisfied customers from an individual company to a joint-stock company with many employees and work areas throughout Stockholm and Stockholm County.
Now we have been on the market for more than 10 years!
Cleaning Queen specializes in all cleaning services: domestic cleaning, major cleaning, moving -out cleaning, office cleaning, shop cleaning, stair cleaning and window cleaning for private customers and companies.
We constantly work to ensure that our customers receive reliable, professional and flexible help.


- Fixed cleaning schedule

- Assigned cleaner, same person at every occasion

Cleaners speak English or Swedish

- Flexibility for client to cancel or postpone a booked cleaning occasion

- Monthly and specified invoice

- Privacy agreement between provider and client

- Insurance in place by provider (accident insurance)

We use tested and environmental friendly teratogens



In case you are entitled to the RUT-deduction (a domestic tax deduction relating to labour cost and applicable to private persons/housholds) imposed by the Swedish Tax Agency you pay only 50% of the original amount. You can find further information and specifically whom is entitled to this benefit at


185,- kr

per hour

200,- kr

per hour

250,- kr

per hour

the first month

Monday - Friday

Cleaning detergents and equipment is provided by client. We give you a list with necessary items and you can buy everything in an ordinary food shop

Minimum order quantity for each occasion: 2 hours of service

Weekend / Emergency cleaning 

Including VAT and after using the RUT-deduction for private persons.


340,- kr

per hour + VAT

Same conditions apply as for private persons, se above

FINAL CLEANING (before moving out)

1400 - 1800,- kr

up to 0 -40 m²


41 to 90 m²

35,- kr/m²

91 to 150 m²


151 m² and more

Price is including VAT and the RUT-deduction

We provide Cleaning detergents and sufficient equipment, all included in price.

Prices given are for an empty (unfurnished) home. A 20% surplus applies for a

furnished house/apartment.

For further inquiries and offers you are welcome to contact us at: or by phone 0707 838 611

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